Direct Note Access To Change The Face of Sampling?


I almost fell out of my chair after seeing this one, but it looks like technology and audio sampling could take a huge leap.  Melodyne has come up with Direct Note Access, which will allow you to be able to edit individual polyphonic audio material and will allow for simple correction of errors to a complete refashioning of harmonies and rhythm.  In other words, you’ll be able to break up the chords of an instrument to make adjustments to the individual notes. 

This is crazy idea for musicians, but can you imagine how this could be applied to sampling producers!?  I’ve yet to see how well this would perform with samples containing many different types of instruments/vocals, but I won’t be surprised if a few sample lawsuits are prevented or disrupted because of this.

Direct Note Access will be available with Melodyne plugin 2 and scheduled for release in the Fall of 2008 with a price tag of $399.

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956 thoughts on “Direct Note Access To Change The Face of Sampling?”

  1. again, being able to detect the pitch in ways such as shown in the video is only capable with very HIGH QUALITY audio. Even if your singing SINGLE notes into a microphone of bad quality, it wont work. It wont be able to process vinyl the way the audio signal is shown in the video

  2. this is crazy!!!!

    Even if it doesn’t work in the showed way with vinyl, I’m sure it’ll get used some how. People are intuitive. They’ll find a way to use it.

    Also, I’m sore Melodyne will continue to improve the technology as it updates the plugin…. I’m so excited to try this!

  3. Omg! If this is real (i doubt), and works as good as they said it does, a revolution in sampling is coming very soon. I just can’t imagine all the new paths this will open in hiphop production.

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