Diggin’ For Dummies: Hipsters, Newbies, and Tourists

What crate digger doesn’t like a video of The Thing, a thrift store in Brooklyn, NY that’s renowned for it’s dusty cavern of $2 vinyl. It’s even better when the footage is put to music.

Crate Kings forum member GLF takes us on a tour through the store that features a self created backing track entitled “Maria.” Plus, how can you not love the clearly posted rules aka “Diggin’ For Dummies and… hipsters, newbies, and tourists.”

20 thoughts on “Diggin’ For Dummies: Hipsters, Newbies, and Tourists”

  1. whatevvvver (about the ‘diggin for dummies’ sign…) half of those records aren’t in sleeves, sticking outta the crates, sideways… the damn place is a mess already.

    BUT… respect the vinyl always!

  2. you bastards are so lucky…the closest I get to anything like that out here in Eugene is the record convention ONCE a year and it still matches probably half the records in that one store…

    • Consider yourself lucky though. Thats one of the biggest record shows on the west coast. Plus theres a bunch of shows in oregon and washington all year.

      • you’re right…I hate that I only have access to it once a year though…I always feel like I have to spring on a handful of records I’m not really sure about cause I won’t find anything like them in the stores around town…definitely a fun weekend for me though!

  3. yeah there’s a lot of records in that place but 99% crap. i was in there a few months ago and after about 15 minutes i was done!

  4. Hey darrell d did you have a portable turntable with ya?Man I guess I’m a different animal I can always find a jewel in most digging environments.

    • @ghost74
      i did not bring my portable because i pretty much know what i’m looking for. i have not yet developed a patience for listening to a lot of thrift store records in hopes that i’ll find something good. i would much rather pay $10 for a record that is fire then to spend hours listening to records at a goodwill to find that same record for $1. it’s cool that you can find cool stuff.i think it is also a skill. that same day i hit a-1,good,big city,gimmie gimmie,& tropicana and spent around $300 and was very pleased. but,i did find a second copy of utfo “leader of the pack” at the thing.

      p.s. all those stores i just mentioned are all in the same area and within walking distance of each other!

  5. Nice any real producer would find at least one dusty plate to make a new sound with. im diggin that beat too smooth background music.

    • lol…I’m lucky to touch anything for less than 3.00 out here aaaaaaand most of it is folk/soft rock/classic rock shite…

  6. That beat is fire! Went to The Thing in 2008, spent about 5 hours up in that bitch. I got violently ill later that night. The Thing stuck with me for about a week, but I got this one weird-ass record with a 2 minute long drum solo that made it all worth it.

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