DiBia$e Wins Red Bull Big Tune Los Angeles

Hi-Res, Style Misia, DiBia$e, Tauras, DeUNO, DJ Finyl, G Rocka, and Captain did battle at Los Angeles Red Bull Big Tune Event. Congrats to DiBia$e for the win and the nicely layered Patrice Rushen sample flip.

Random Thought:
Plenty of air keyboard and air drums, but nobody plays air guitar anymore?

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  1. Okay I’ma be the first to say it. DiBia$e could play J-Dilla when they make his biography. Congrats to both playaz!! Do yall thizaleany in Chi. Rep it for Hip-Hop first and foremost and of course the Left Coast!!! Yadda…

    • yupp that was me…i was there early to get that front rows spot cuz i knew cats were gonna bring that heat..last time i went i was in the wayy back and was kind lame. haha

      yeah shouts to my man dibiase. i actually got the honor to battle him. cool cool dude.

  2. MAD PROPS to see you showing the homie Dibiase some love…This dude is my favorite producer right now and he is about to blow up, so happy he is getting the respect he deserves.

    • u dont know dilla music obviously comparin me to him. i been makin beats at a high caliber since 97 startin in 95 and i have cassettes and 4track tapes with proof of that and didnt have dilla has a reference then because alot of his music wasnt floatin around. alot u cats just started mentionin dilla after donuts came out.

      • Good Lookin out on clearin that up Dibia$e! So many people in hip hop jus runnin off @ the mouth with no background information. Jus emotion tied into comments that have no relevance. I’m an artist who recently picked his hand @ producing 3 years ago and I’m never turning back. I kno the knowledge and grind it takes to bang em out like you do. So let the haters fall by the wayside…

        Much Respekt from Canada


      • Every producer who visits this site is obviously influenced by Dilla, at least a little bit. The dude was a genius that made great music. Dibiase, you make some pretty hot shit and Dilla obviously influences your style but you definitely have your own distinct sound. Most producers sound comes from all their favorite producers combined into their own distinct style…. Im not afraid to say that I try to make music like Dilla… Thats the kind of music that I love!!!

        • naw i appreciated that homie acourse there’s a lil dilla in there but what i listened to everyday b4 i was makin beats was alot of tribe called quest first 2 albums , and epmd and alot of erick sermon who had basslines as well b4 and them loose drums, and alot of vintage wu and pharcyde which dilla did few joints on. but its a combo of alot of the greats and stuff u wouldnt expect that influenced me

  3. dibiase is that guy….and captain got joints too dont let the dance moves fool ya haha


  4. All the beats at this battle sucked. No Soul. It’s like using big corny sounds is supposed to make up for the fact that the beats suck. Too bad I see this at every battle, and the idiots in the crowd love those beats.

    At least Dibiase won. He actually brought some dope shit.

  5. funny when i was makin beats in 95 with drums that swing just not as techical acourse. i wasnt gettin compared to dilla back then most of yall who do this on dilla jock foundout bout dilla donuts era . so b4 u sound like an idiot slum1 do ur research. i had a catalog b4 the detroit sound was popularized. i have many styles some of my muisc is in the electronic genre. so when somebody come with a standard boombap drum pattern r they ridin dj premiere. and for the record doods in dilla’s camp arrove of me. think b4 u speak slum1 like to hear ur beats probably full of rigamortis ill bet money on that.

  6. oh yeah buy my records cause i actually have internatonal labels who release my music worldwide. doing much then chasin a placement haha

    • Dont listen to these dudes on here man… They are just haters man… They mad that ur doing big things and they arent…Ur shit is crazy man… keep doin what you do… Yo what equipment do you use for your beats man? An MPC??

  7. Its so hard to read some peoples comments on here.
    Try putting a few full stops and some grammar in your sentences.

  8. Dibiase has a dope ass beat he did using the price is right. It was played on a Rhodes. He freaked it sooo hard it`s crazy. I`m glad t osee him advance again. He is one I would not like to go up against.

  9. I liked the part of Dibiase, where he had that intro “i aint poppin, i aint dancin blablabla”..

    F*ckin producers trying to make their beats better with their dance moves..
    Haha wtf!…….

  10. Man, nobody talkin about that G Rocka beat they played?? My brother and I both looked at each other when his beat came on like “this sounds like some G-Unit shit”

  11. If Dibiase is reads this, I’m curious if you play any instruments? And to what level of proficiency?

    • shit i wish i played drums i definitely want to learn but that may take forever.lol im just all machines at the moment

    • they weren’t talking about that….they were talking about the dilla comparison to dibiase

  12. Yeah Was up with the Dancin? Get ready for my Homie Ro Blvd Hes bout to blow.

    Dibia$e knows who im talkin about!

    Congrats on the win.

    • ahhh man dancin is just another element, but captain used to krump dance b4 he was makin beats. the krump circles is dope to me got a few vids on youtube playin beats at a session . just standin stiff to the beats is not a good look either,but its all fun at the end of the day. none of us went to julie arts or alvin ailey for dance.lol ro blvd . on the come up love supreme g yeah !!!

  13. never really understood the Redbull beatbattles myself, but I gotta say – the fact that this dude Diaba$e needs to defend his sound is baloney – that’s the problem with the internet, everybody is an expert – can’t a dude just win something and not have to explain his whole history?

    anyways, going by what I saw, he easily had the best beats anyways

    @Diaba$e – learning to play instruments isn’t that hard, just takes a while – the way I’ve always looked at it is that you can always do what you’ve been doing while you learn something new on the side – if you can make beats, you can play instruments

  14. why is it that hip hop producers are always so behind when it comes to electronic beats…?

    they should have the advantage in the actual beat department of beat making, at the very least. this kind of reminds me of the dj battle scene when everyone started juggling jungle, and drum and base beats after that stuff was already stale. i say this not to knock anyone’s skill level, but just the opposite, to suggest they do a little more homework and push things a little more if they’re going to dabble in more electronic beats.

    • yeah i feel u, but thats redbull decision for the cdj’s. alsothe reason why i had a backpack on many people ask why baffles me i had my sp 404 in there, and down to sequence my beats live on the spot which wouldve been a first for redbull battles at least. definitely wouldve treated that battle like one of my live sets

  15. Gotta say these comps are a pretty good idea…we need em in NZ.

    Does anyone know if Captain has a myspace account or a soundcloud etc?


  16. The Beats Bang much Props To dibia$e1 you get Down West Coast up in here
    stay Grinding. much respect to the Captain stay getting down. Its all love Hip Hop 4life West west.

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