Dibia$e Talks L.A. Music, Production

23 thoughts on “Dibia$e Talks L.A. Music, Production”

  1. Dibia$e is really where a lot of cats should be. Top Notch!

    RT: MPC Fly is retarded, how you coming with a product for iPad2 when iPad3 is getting ready to drop. Also, from what they showed @NAMM the product isn’t ready and won’t be for 6-8 months. How do you drop an iPad2 only piece of hardware that will likely release after iPad3 has debuted. SMFH!

  2. I think the concepts is pretty dope considering it’ll charge your ipad too…that’s some forward thinking shit right there. And if they were to hold on to it until the ipad 3 drops you’d then be saying, “why don’t they wait for the ipad 4”? lol

    • I realize Apple is super secret about product releases to build “suspense” but they usually announce new products @ Macworld and generally in the first half of the year. MPC Fly is not scheduled to launch until Q3.

      The real question is why cant MPC Fly work with all iPad models, make the top piece modular. Problem solved.

      What’s the point of forward thinking when products are held back by lazy design?!?

  3. Anyone know what names do they mention at the end? I heard Canlow and Sad Shoe? lol I’d like to check them out .

  4. Dibiase is one of those cats you just f*cking root for man. Just seems like a real humble guy despite being so uniquely talented. Shape up time tho, lol

    • He seems humble until you mention that he might be influenced by dilla in the crate king comments of one of his videos and he decides to go in on you for even suggesting that lol.

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