Dawaun Parker Goes In Studio w/ Maschine

Berkely grad and Aftermath staff producer Dawaun Parker takes viewers into his home studio to talk about how NI Maschine fits into his music making workflow both his mobile and home setup. Dawaun also shows viewers how he goes about selecting sounds and building kits while discussing the importance of speed and efficiency along with techniques for breaking through creative barriers.

246 thoughts on “Dawaun Parker Goes In Studio w/ Maschine”

  1. I’m so giddy about this product I feel like I should make a video about it…I honestly think I could show some things about the workflow and ease of sue better than these “official” videos…the F Major one is pretty close to how I work though so maybe it’s not necessary…

  2. “I can even chop samples and find a Kool & the Gang break or a James Brown loop and chop it up and switch it around”

  3. why do college grads always say the name of their school? he must be good if he works for dre but name dropping a college isnt very hip-hop

    • It was removed because of profane language and overall quality of the comment. It’s shocking that you would even bother to ask why it was removed.

  4. seems like a cool product. I would def want to try it before I bought it.

    you should just delete all of goo’s comments LOL

    • Seems like CrateKings is getting money from Native Instruments. Deleting all my comments. Come on, you guys know what it is. You know Maschine is ass….admit it…lol.

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