David “Fingers” Haynes – Jazzin’ Around Video

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  1. @Tony Traxx

    What does the cost of his controller have to do with anything? The Korg Nanopad does what’s needed for his live performances. He does have a job… jazz musician and product demo/spokesperson Toontrack.

  2. hah blood worried bout how dis nigga look and shit. nigga u fucKin gay. eat a dicK i bet you kant even do half da shit dis nigga be on. you a fucKin hoecake.

  3. @ hah fuc#%! you . you don’t know me.i have a right to my own opinion . Thats what a forum is for.I didnt disrespect nobody so dont disrespect me.U2 Crispy.I had a nano before and it had glitches so who sounds ignorant now.

  4. i thought it was dope til i got a closer look at the dude’s t-shirt … then i decided i wasnt feeling it AT ALL.

    lol. no but but seriously, that was really impressive. great post

  5. @17dm – No…he is not the son of that Mr. Haynes. Although they both have shaved heads….But on a serious note, David Haynes is a great drummer but not like Roy….In their own elements, each would blow the other away…..

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