Crate Digging w/ DJ Shadow from the Movie Scratch

7 thoughts on “Crate Digging w/ DJ Shadow from the Movie Scratch”

  1. Not entirely on topic, but you might be able to help me on this Semantik. Later on in Scratch, there’s a scene where DJ Krush is playing some sort of japanese flute over the intro to New Flesh For Old’s 186,000 Miles. You wouldn’t happen to know where to find Krush’s live version would you?

  2. Really good question. You mean a live recording of the set that he was performing, right? I did a some digging, but couldn’t find any indication that such a recording exists… I’d love to hear that set though. I’ll let you know if I turn up anything.

  3. I really liked the video, but I disagree with him about ending up in that basement. He was like, “You gotta realize that in 10 years you will be down here.” I’m surprised to hear him say something like that. He said there was a mummified bat, haha.

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