Cha-Lo’s Role In Producing A-Milli


With all the interviews, news, and acclaim surrounding Lil Wayne’s "A-Milli", there’s been little mention of producer Cha-Lo’s role in the creation of the track.  However, it seems that with all of the recent attention this may have become somewhat of an issue.  Decide for yourself as Raheim touches a little further on the topic, even going so far as to supply the original Cha-Lo produced instrumental along with a few legal documents.

[Rasha via Bfochs]

1,798 thoughts on “Cha-Lo’s Role In Producing A-Milli”

  1. Props for make a hot beat that even jigga spit on but this nigga look like he got lip stick on and on the down

  2. Its amazing how a shitty beat can get so much publicity, but we all know that’s cause Wayne can destroy anything.

  3. Yeah, I still cant understand till this Day how that cheap sounding shitty Beat could become such a big hit.
    I dont understand why Wayne is such a big Hit neither.

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