Beaterator Promo f/ Pete Rock, Jay Electronica, Twista

837 thoughts on “Beaterator Promo f/ Pete Rock, Jay Electronica, Twista”

  1. At first I was like NAHHHH, HELLSSS NAH! I mean no disrespect to Timbo (Get dat D.O.E son) but my thinking was, the software is going to make you sound like Timbaland? Now that I see a lot of my 90’s hip hop heros co-signing, well its time I rethink this new phase in producing.

  2. hahaha so you’re so easily influenced.. Thats advertising my man, why do you think companies pay certain people to show up in their commercials. Why does nike pay miljons of dollars to certain athletes to promote their gear? while some of these athletes may not even like the product…

    You love your 90’s hiphop, well lets take it back to the eighties and say: Don’t believe the hype!

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