Beaterator & Timbaland: Ready Made Music Making (Trailer)

1,192 thoughts on “Beaterator & Timbaland: Ready Made Music Making (Trailer)”

  1. I thought this game was already out but they called it __________ – (insert name: Acid, FL, Reason, etc.)

    As if there wasn’t already a million kids out there slaping together loops and sample kits and calling themselves beatmakers.

    “anyone can make professional sounding music.”
    hmmm……….a billion “pros” all sounding the same…sweet

  2. First of all “Beaterator” sounds so retarded, never heard that word used ever. Secondly, they’re tryin to catch up with G. Hero & Rockband with the DJ one too. “Ready Made” beats. Okay…..

  3. aint notting wrong with FL or Reason.. how could you even compare these programmes to “beaterator.. come on man.
    i probably know a lotta cats that make better and more original beat then you with reason and a mpd.

  4. I agree with “said” that there aint nothing wrong with fl studio or reason.

    Also, fuck timberland for this.

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