Beat Swap Meet 1 Year Anniversary


If you’re in the Los Angeles area, there’s no excuse not to head down to the 5th Official Beat Swap Meet.  Sunday, March 15th will mark the 1 Year Anniversary as everything goes down with tons of records for sales, drinks for the 21 plus crowd, and 3 areas of Live DJ’s including Mr. Choc, Bobby Soul, Gabe Real, Charlie Rock, and more spinning whatever the hell they want.

  • Bring your broken turntables and have them repaired by DJ Abel on the spot
  • Outdoor clothing vendor village featuring over 15 clothing brands & boutiques

FREE w/ Canned Good
11am-12 $5 Early birds
All Ages / Casual drinking for 21+

Grandstar Jazz Club in Downtown LA’s historic Chinatown district
943 N Broadway Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Head over to Beat Swap Meet’s website for more info.

3,164 thoughts on “Beat Swap Meet 1 Year Anniversary”

    Does that mean ONE canned good? Taking my turntables to have DJ Abel check out will be heavy enough for my poor/hungry ass to carry around.

  2. btw, thanks for the mention of this. I missed it last year.
    Anybody else check it out? Anything interesting? Good finds?

  3. we need more stuff like this to happen in Philly. true, we have “the gathering.” but, lately it’s been closed down due to stabbings, fights, graffiti in the bathrooms, or water mains flooding out the basement.

    Beat swap is dope… real dope!

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