Beat Battle Voting Is Now Under Way!

All entries have been submitted and the beat battle voting is officially under way.  Make sure that you support these up and coming producers by checking out their beats and voting for your favorite inside the forums.  

You have until April 24th to submit your vote deciding which producer will be featured on the front of the site and win the entire collection of Crate Kings drum kits.

Crate Kings Beat Battle Entries:

HK: –  ‘It’s Too Late’

DJ Tanner – ‘Turn It Up’

Infantry808 – ‘BeatBattle’

D-Que – ‘Mellow Blues’

Cynergy – ‘Crates K Samples Battle’

King E – ‘Gong Show’

Lord 69 – ‘Billy Beat’

Marink – ‘Too Late’

So Filthy ‘CrateKings Beat Battle (March)’

Big Family – ‘Outside Ya Yard’

MC Fever – ‘Cratekings Beat’

Mr Wilson – ‘It’s Too Late’

Jayell – ‘Do I Know You’

Re-Yo – ‘Almost Too Late’

User280 – ‘Stung’

Dirty Diamond – ‘Billy Paul Remake’

Lord Fairfax – ‘Too Late’

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