BattleCat Production Showcase At Red Bull Big Tune

As we wait on video from last night’s 2008 Red Bull Big Tune National Finals, here’s a little treat for knowledgeable West Coast production fans.  Production kingpin and true talk-box technician BattleCat provides us with a showcase of his notable work. 

Note: Yes, the audio is not great, but still worth viewing.

817 thoughts on “BattleCat Production Showcase At Red Bull Big Tune”

  1. well many thank you’s to crate kings I am now making classics, I would like to catch up with some if not all of the producers & artists, please try & check out who’s on the scene in South Africa-we have the most talented people around-we might just want to work on something, we never know…peace
    (K.O. the teQniik-South Africa)

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