Avid Updates Pro Tools Mbox Interface Line


Pro Tools users have reason to be excited as Avid has announced an update to its much loved line of Mbox interfaces.

Head over to Avid for complete details about the Mbox, Mbox Mini, and Mbox Pro, which are available for $679, $399, and $899 respectively.

All models are currently available for pre-order and feature an expected ship date of September 20th, 2010. Learn more at .

621 thoughts on “Avid Updates Pro Tools Mbox Interface Line”

  1. cool new look . they always doing something to get your money , i use pro tools m powered , why ? because i can use more interfaces and its a little cheaper .

  2. pro tools better get that delay-compensation issue fixed in the LE version. major pain in the ass when workin with uad-cards and such. i stopped usin pt and fuxx wit CUBASE again. flawless.

  3. Word, Fock Pro-Tools, Reminds me of a Bad Ex-Girlfriend, High Maintenance and Unreliable. I guess I gotta use Logic*

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