araabMUZIK Interview & “A Milli” Sample Flip

A quick bio and interview with producer araabMUZIK as he explains the origin of his name, his background as a drummer and pianist, and being tapped to work with DipSet.

At this point we’re all worn out from the everything “A Milli” related.  There’s certainly been no shortage of freestyles, sample flips, or controversy surrounding the nature of its creation.  However, after seeing how Providence, RI native araabMUZIK handles himself on the Akai MPC 2500, I think we may all have one more “A Milli” beat reconstruction/sample flip left in us.

792 thoughts on “araabMUZIK Interview & “A Milli” Sample Flip”

  1. [b]The kid is sick with it, but I need to see the discography to be fully convinced.[/b]

    i can’t help but think of those rappers who can do the craziest freestyles and murder most in a battle, but can’t even make a half decent track when they get in the booth…

    [b]Aside from his rapid fire pad tappin’ on camera, does he really sound that sick with it on a album?[/b]

  2. I googled dude found out he produced for Hell Rell and that I Got It Cheap In Ohio for Cam…he’s more a performer than a producer…his beats on albums don’t sound like this…

    but he’s good, no doubt…

  3. i like these live mpc videos. IMO his live MPC work isn’t anything original in comparison to someone like Exile. More of these videos would be great. Oh and 9th’s video is sick too.

  4. Dude is a BEAST!!! And he’s said he’s trained in piano & drums. He sounds like he can rock a crowd with his MPC skills.


  5. all u mother fuckers talking sideways about this man have never in your life touched a mpc ever in your life. I really dont know what to say if he can make this dope of a fcking beat live then all he has to do is connect the outs to pro tools and its done regardless the hate on this dude should go out the window which is where i want to throw my mpc after seeing this.

  6. wack. so frantically tapping mpc pads is talent now?

    plus, his name is a racial slur!!! am i the only one who hears this shit? i mean, what if his name was “niggermusik?” ok, how about “spicmusikk?”

    you fucking retarded dullards. all of you.

  7. kid probably has the world’s ugliest eyes – so he gotta hide them somehow…looks ridicuolous, is embarrassing…fuck that whole dipset sounds…

  8. the real DR Period on this board?

    Yo, that dude def had true performing skillz though
    but if his finished beats sound like this, i wouldnt like it at all.

    He should get a smaller cap though.
    1 walk in the wind and his cap will be lost. LOL
    He probably got glue in his hair or something

  9. I gave him that name you fucking Pecker-head (DR PERIOD) and, all you other haters can dive off a skyscraper into a pool of broken glass, roll around in salt, then pour alcohol on yourselves.

    This kid is a musical prodigy, had a full ride to Brown University for playing the drums by the time he was 10 years old.

    So do yourselves a favor and, take some notes, because you just witnessed the best to ever do it. Fucking clowns!!!

  10. its more than replaying somebodies music back. its like abstract art taking all tha chops and piecing them togeather and making them sound seemless.
    shit is crazy and if u a producer like me this shit should make you want to step your game up.
    keep making that heat!

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