Alchemist Dumps ASR-10 Sampling Keyboard

788 thoughts on “Alchemist Dumps ASR-10 Sampling Keyboard”

  1. Alchemist Dumps Asr 10…
    Alchemist discography comes out from an Ensoniq Asr 10!

    akai quality is dead when Roger Linn left the company after he have designed the mpc 60 and the mpc 3000.
    new akai products mpc 500-1000-2500-5000 are plastic toys.
    2 $ engineers for 2 $ converters for 2 $ dollars sound for 2$ people…
    Alchemist with an mpc 1000 is fuckin marketing…
    those machines are rubbish ,now have only a neither good nor bad sequencer

    The world are waiting for the LINN DRUM 2 !

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