A-Trak Discusses Indie Labels And Artist Merchandise

Al Lindstrom interviews DJ A-Trak as the DJ/producer/label owner discusses Fools Gold, the differences between indie vs major lables, and the benefits that new artists experience as a result of signing with an independent label rather than a major.

Notable Quote/Gems Dropped:

In this climate of the record industry, in order for a record label to survive, the label has to really be more than a record label. It has to be a lifestyle brand basically.

Part 2 after the break!

In the second part of the interview A-Track examines why it is so important for a record label to have other revenue streams besides music sales. He also emphasizes how vital artist and brand related merchandise is to the success of the modern recording label.

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  1. al lindstrom is the man and im glad he’s doing these videos that focus on the biz side of things. i used to work for his company ALMG a few years back. he does a lot of work and connects a lot of people behind the scenes … the guy literally knows any and everyone you would ever wanna contact in the music business on a personal level. good work, al.

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