45 King’s Making of Hard Knock Life

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  1. I love that he said he keeps all his drums on one track so engineers cant mess it up! LMAO DOPE!!! Now that I think about it, Seems like the beat would have less than 5 tracks if all the drums were on one track. Bass, Sample, Drums…what else is there in that song. Assuming, by drums he meant hats,kicks,snares,crashes and cymbals

  2. Wow I have been sleeping on 45 King but that was the best shit I have seen in a while. That guy is hilarious. A+ on this vid.

  3. funny i heard dame dash claim sole responsibility for finding this beat and paying $10,000 cash on the spot for it. . who is lyin?
    dame also said the main white boy at def jam said this was not gonna be a hit.

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