2009 DMC World Finals DVD (Trailer)

636 thoughts on “2009 DMC World Finals DVD (Trailer)”

    • i stopped peepin’ battles after 2001. it lost it’s soul. 94-2000 were the best years for turntablism imo. it was a lot more funky back then. i don’t care how technical you get nowadays, it ain’t the same. but q murdered that drum break..wooh!

    • but what about jazzy jay, grand master flash, etc. usin’ serato/traktor etc. they’re the originators of this culture. are you sayin that they ain’t real hip hop cuz they spin digital now? even craze the dmc champ rocked serato for the roc raida tribute. i’m a vinyl junkie myself, but i won’t knock technology unless you come up spinnin’ mp3’s. you gotta get your fingers dusty and pay your dues first!

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