2008 DMC World DJ Championship (London)


It all goes down in London this weekend.  The 24th annual DMC World DJ Championship will feature over 4 hours of nonstop world class turntablism and enough beat juggling, flares, and battle cuts to satisfy your fix for a while.  Who’s going to take home the golden Technics and $10,000 prize this year?

Friday, Sept. 26 from (6pm – 11:30pm)
DMC Battle For World Supremacy
DMC World Team Championship

Saturday, Sept. 27 from (7pm – 11:30pm)
DMC World DJ Final

Hosted by MC Trip, Killa Kella and DJ Billy Biznizz

Featuring performances by Killa Kela (Full Live Show), DJ Rafik (2007 DMC World Champion) & DJ Vajra (4 X DMC USA Finalist) performing a special VJ set.

See DMC World for tickets and more info.

1,960 thoughts on “2008 DMC World DJ Championship (London)”

  1. I was at the 07 final, and couldn’t believe how disappointing it was. Ever since the standard has moved to custom vinyls, and battle weapons, the shit has gotten boring. I was at the 88 final when CashMoney took it & every final for the following 8 years following that, & admitidly it’s gotten way more technically advanced now, but it’s lost so much of it’s soul. It used to be funky. I’d say DJ Vajra would be the main highlight of the night cos he’s one of the few “turntablists” (I hate that term now cos of it’s associations now) around who have the skills, but also has the funk as well.

  2. If you are not in the scene and don’t follow it, or participate in it, you will not be in touch with anything. I’m tired of hearing excuses. Do something about it. instead of criticizing art.

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