17 Best Record Stores In The U.S.


Paste Magazine drops their list of the top record stores in the United States, which includes well known merchants like Dusty Groove, Amoeba, and Turntablelab . Maybe at some point I’ll get around to dropping my own top list, but not until I feel satisfied that all the goodies have been swiped.

I’m curious to find out what my dusty fingered brethren have to say about this one and dare you to comment with your own favorite spots.

153 thoughts on “17 Best Record Stores In The U.S.”

  1. That picture of Jerry’s is actually old. It’s even larger now — with a dedicated section for 45s. It’s awesome to have grown up with such a great gem in my own backyard. I didn’t realize how good we had it in Pittsburgh until I went to some other cities.

  2. I give up no Jewels. I will say that Jerry’s is the reason I went to Pittsburgh 7 times for my old job when we had a IT guy in the area already.

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