11 Year Old VohnBeatz Breaks Down Beat Making

Pint sized production wiz VohnBeatz breaks down the production of a track entitled "Goin’ Gangsta" using Reason and a compact keyboard controller.  Expect his mixtape to be available the first quarter of 2009.

Did we mention that VohnBeatz is S1’s son?  I guess the skills run in the family… keep it up!

606 thoughts on “11 Year Old VohnBeatz Breaks Down Beat Making”

  1. Yea!!! This guy is gonna be a problem. Looks like he already knows not to quantize his kick and snare. Wish I would have started this young.

  2. Yeah he’s young but what the hell was that beat? That aint hip hip its some R&B shit, he used all virtual instruments, which is straight up whack. Hip Hop is all about sampling not that wack fast food production this kid uses. And a keyboard? What the fuck go buy an MP.


  3. Tommy P is a Hater.
    What do you think all those records in the closet are for.
    Like using VSTi’s is wack now or something.
    It doesnt matter if you use a Virtual Synth or a Analog Synth as long as you can make dope Basslines with it
    And ya fav producers prob use keyboards too beside they MPCs. From Premier to Dilla.
    Its quite standard to have a keyboard besides ya MPC.

  4. Sampling is a art in its own and part hip hop. You also don”t to sample all the time to make great music or use mpc.

  5. i was just playing. but this kid still makes better beats than most of the internet producers. and hes only 11 years old.

  6. Sampling MP3’s is free? I mean man, his beat is whack though, its some commercial R&B bullshit. Sampling = Hip Hop. His beat = Sell out.

  7. Im with Cai here. Mind your own music. Besides he needs his own living, who cares if its a sellout beat (which its not). Im proud of the kid for even knowing about midi, im still learning for my part.

  8. Regardless of the age of the producer/beat maker, I really didn’t think the conversation would deteriorate into some of the low level comments shown above.

    This was created as a site to foster creativity and education related to production, not to tear down those honestly trying to become better at their craft.

  9. Tommy P, you’re a funny dude, one minute your chatting about how hip hop is all about using samples & keeping it real, & then your going on about sampling off MP3’s like that’s the legitimate way to do it! Lol!

    I’m no fan of R&B style production, but talent is talent, & this kids got plenty!

  10. Sampling is the essence we all know but you cant front, a good beat is a good beat wether its sampled or not.
    The kid made a hot beat on this video.

  11. Tommy P, you need to go back and learn about the essence of hip hop. It`s not fast food music if you play instruments. Kool Herc, Jazzy jay ,Jam Master Jay and others played instruments before hip hop music was born. When hip hop started,they rocked with bands. Vohn Beatz had the best of both worlds. He does sample,but not alot. I guarantee he will get way more work than a sample artist because of sample laws and artists that are tight with money(they are out there) I suggest any producer out there who hasen`t picked up a instrument,should.It will make your sound more creative.

  12. Tommy P think hes more Hip-Hop if he says things like hiphop is all about sampling and virtual instruments being wack
    cause he learned that Sampling is the original essence of HipHop and how the classics are made.
    real hiphop is real hiphop weather its sampled or not. There´s no official rule on how to do hiphop.
    I mean You could also make a rock song by sampling old vinyl.
    Thats not the original way of making rocksongs neither but than it could still be rock.

    This kid def doing hiphop and not no R&B stuff. People nowadays dont even know what R&B is anymore.
    Putting every wack song made by black people in the R&B category.

  13. Tommy P you are a fool.

    why would hip hop be all about sampling? sampling is all about sampling asshole, its not that fucking hard. Hip hop is about alot of other shit. your one of those nerds that comment bullshit and your hating on an 11 year old producer.

    and you obviously dont know shit about shit to classify that as an r&b beat, because its virtual instruments?

    you are by far more of a child than vohnbeats and i can tell that by reading your one wack ass comment.

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