Waxpoetics Magazine and J Dilla Make Life a Little Bit Better

Yeah, that’s right.  I said it.  I was having a really tough time this week.  After recently making a habit of banging my head on various objects in my 9 to 5 cubicle world, fighting with pestering clients, and nearly giving notice and quitting my gig, Wax Poetics Magazine saved my soul from withering away into the corporate abyss. 

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that a new issue of Wax Poetics had been released and I immediately began making daily trips to my local Borders in the attempt to obtain a copy.  However, with each successive trip I only found myself more and more agitated at the fact that the store can’t seem to stock new magazines within a reasonable period of time.  Yesterday actually turned out to be a great day because the new issues of Wax Poetics and Scratch magazine were finally made available for my purchasing pleasure.  I was able to spend the freezing cold April Friday night in the comfort of my Boston apartment dispensing relationship advice to my girlfriend’s, girlfriend while sipping multiple bottles of Limonata and drooling over perfectly penned prose of Kon & Amir’s savage record hunts, Pharoahe Monch’s long overdue sophomore album entitled Desire, and the mind power that Betty Davis seemed to have over influential musicians of the day.  The crispy pages of record porn managed to ease the immense pain caused by mind numbing pop hits bombarding my ears on a daily basis.

This morning, after scouring the pages of my newly acquired issue of Scratch magazine, I began thinking about records, samples, and the familiar warm fuzzy feeling that comes over you from listening to a J Dilla beat tape.  It’s amazing, last night I was asked what I would like as my 30th birthday gift and all that came to my mind were back issues of Wax Poetics magazine, Bose headphones, and a brown Dilla Lives t-shirt.  These really shouldn’t be the wants and needs of a man poised to enter the next decade of his life, but a serious question must be asked.  What is more profound; Dilla’s drum layering or the upcoming rent/mortgage payment?  Regardless, I can’t wait until August for any one of those items.  So, this morning, after waking up the lady of the house way too early, I spent the early part of my day off hunting the internet for an elusive Dilla t-shirt located in the Boston area.  Sometimes I am just a slave to my impatient and obsessive tendencies. 

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