Digidesign Finally Releases Pro Tools LE 7.4 Vista Update!

Ok so I’m about a month late with this one, but who actually has time to keep checking the Digidesign website for updates? Remember the original posts Five Lesson Learned From Upgrading Digidesign’s Pro Tools and our shared frustrations about further deadline pushbacks? Well, after months of agony and mean spirited teasing, the audio bullies … Read more

Five Lessons Learned From Upgrading Digidesign’s Pro Tools

So I broke down, caved in, joined the bandwagon or whatever you want to call it.  Although there are arguably better choices for home recording, at the end of the day I just couldn’t resist the call of Digidesign’s Pro Tools.  I’ve had extremely great experience using Steinberg’s Cubase and Adobe Audition, so hopefully in … Read more