Ty Fyffe’s Beat CD & Track Selling Strategies

Miss Drama interviews 50 Cent producer Ty Fyffe to explore his criteria for working with artists, track pricing, selling strategies, and beat CD sequencing.  If pressed for time, skip to 7:02, which is when the most valuable aspects of the interview take place. They feel my music.  They take my calls. Ya know, I don’t wear out … Read more

Just Blaze x Ty Fyffe On Studying Music, Proper Business, And Management

Ty Fyffe sits down with Just Blaze to discuss current and future projects w/ Maino, Jay Electronica, and Mos Def along with important production concepts such as studying your craft, reinventing your sound, and becoming versatile.  Just Blaze also touches on the importance of having a good manager, keeping your business in order, and maintaining … Read more