J.Force E-MU SP1200 Beat Demo

A little taste of the low-fi E-MU SP1200 stylings from producer J.Force (Rock The Bells, Beef, Beef II, The MC, Bling).   More proof that limited sample time in no way limits creativity.

SP 1200 Workout With J Force

Producer J. Force (scorer of films Rock The Bells, Beef, Beef II, The MC, and Bling) drops another video on us demonstrating the wonders of a low-fi setup consisting of a SP1200 sampler, Pioneer CDJ-500, Technics 1200 turntable, and Gemini PS-676 mixer.  Keep in mind that this is all being done with only 12 bit … Read more

Nick Tha 1 Da Shows Us Some SP Love

The DC-MD VA is known for Go-Go, Baltimore House, and mega-producers: Teddy Riley, Timbaland, and The Neptunes. There’s also a lot of great newcomers in the area such as Kev Brown, Grap Luva & Oddisee. Another shining star is Nick Tha 1 DA; dude has a sick record collection and some ill beats as well. … Read more

EMU SP1200 Beat Making Video

Here’s a little clip of Distrakt doing some serious damage to the classic EMU SP1200.  He breaks down the EMU SP1200, his methods of organization, and philosophy behind production.  The SP1200 definitely has a distinct sound due to its 12 bit depth and limitation of 10 seconds sampling time.