Scott Storch’s Rise & Fall: A Brief History

2TheAdvocate gives a brief history surrounding the rise and fall of producer Scott Storch.  Pretty much everything is covered from his birth in Nova Scotia to dropping out of high school, working with The Roots, hits, flops, and everything in between.  There’s even a bit of speculation from the mother of his son as to … Read more

Scott Storch Wanted By The Law

Superstar artists still haven’t learned the importance of paying their bills.  Scott Storch is currently in trouble with the law for owing a total of $511,839.16 in back property taxes.  To make matters worse, because of his failure to pay child support, a Miami-Dade Circuit Judge has issued a pick-up order for authorities to arrest … Read more

Scott Storch: Tuning Kicks, Vocals, And Radio Friendliness

Scott Storch discusses the importance of tuning kick drums and experimentation to achieve a proper mix.  He also goes on to offer advice about changing the key of a track in order to allow contrast for speakers to accurately represent lower frequencies.  In the second segment, Storch goes on to address concerns relating to the … Read more