Riding The Fader & Recording w/ Automation

Eric Hawkins gives quick advice about using control surface faders and automation to correct the levels of your mix.  Great info for those looking to learn slightly advanced conceptes or frustrated with the time consuming programming that results from using a mouse.  He even makes equipment recommendations for those with space and budget constraints. Read … Read more

20 Year Old Founds Major Recording Studio: Reveals Story of Success

StadiumRed founder Claude Zdanow tells the story of building his first recording studio at the age of 15, performing on a nationwide tour, and at the age of 20 founding a studio in Harlem originally used by Jazz master Ornette Coleman.  He also touches on topics such as changes in technology, label budgets, building a … Read more

Recording Artists Pushing For New Audio Standards

Not directly related to Hip-Hop, but nonetheless a concern to all producers concerned with sound quality.  We all know that hypercompression is the current trend in mastering and that lossy codecs such as mp3 are inferior, but has it gotten out of control?  Neil Young, Trent Reznor, John Mellencamp, and T Bone Burnett are uniting … Read more

Digital Audio Workstation Techniques Workshop

For those in the New York area, the Manhattan Producer’s Alliance is presenting a workshop entitle In The Box: Modern Digital Audio Workstation Techniques.  The class will provide an in depth look into the art of mixing using digital audio workstations including demonstrations of specific mixing approaches and techniques using real life examples.  The measly … Read more

Basic Digital Audio Recording Theory And Concepts

I’ve always believed that theoretical topics have very important practical applications, especially when it comes to recording sound.  For many aspiring musicians and producers, having a functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is enough to suffice, but for those who really want to take their recording to the next level, it is necessary to have at … Read more