Disco D

Disco D Interview: Ghettotek & Entrepreneurship

As you may have guessed already, Crate Kings has decided dedicate today to the memory of that late Disco D.  This time Canhead throws us an older interview as he discusses the spirit of Ghettotek, starting two record labels while in college, and the decision to attend business school. Read the complete interview

Donny Goines Talks About Disco D

Check The Credits drops an interview with Donny Goines as he speaks about meeting producer Disco D on a internet forum, working as a runner/personal assistant, the growth their friendship, and learning industry lessons.

Disco D Reveals Story Behind “Ski Mask Way” Beat

Producer Disco D talks about his musical roots in Ghettotek, decision to branch out into more traditional urban music, goes on to speak openly about his battles with manic depression while working with Kevin Federline.  The highlight of the interview was his the telling of the story behind the making of 50 Cent’s "Ski Mask … Read more

Disco D Documentary – Hustle Harder (Video)

Much respect to the late Disco D.  Interestingly enough, I came across this promo vid for Hustle Harder, which appears to be a documentary/instructional/beatmaking DVD for those looking forward to a career in music production.  Perhaps I’ll have a little more info or even a review once I’m able to track down a copy of … Read more