Diddy Clarifies His Criticism of DJ’s

I know that we’ve given Diddy too much airtime the past couple of days, but this one couldn’t be avoided.  Diddy clarifies his previous comments concerning DJ’s, calls for responsibility, and dares DJ’s to experiment with their playlists stating, " You have to have the heart to clear the dancefloor." Note:  Does anyone else find … Read more

Diddy Bashes DJ’s and Hip Hop’s Risk Taking Ability

  Diddy attacks DJ’s, formulaic artists, and Hip-Hop in general for not taking risks, sounding the same, and refusing to break records.  With such comments and criticism as, "Hip-Hop has lost its risk taking quality, everybody goes to the comfort zone," and "DJ’s ain’t DJ’s no more," there’s obviously a bit of truth to his … Read more