DJ Machine Joystick Inspired Music Controller


Music should always be fun. Then again, it’s hard not to be fun when you’re making music using a joystick controller.  Industrial Designer Christian Peetz has designed the DJ Machine, which he refers to as the Finger Orchestra, as his entry for the James Dyson Award.

While each joystick controller is programmable, the unit also has the ability to communicate via Bluetooth.

[Coolbuzz via Yanko]

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Cassette Tape Lamps (Tape Is Not Dead)


OooMy Design pays tribute to the glory days of cassette tapes with their Cassette Tape Lamps, which are available in both floor model and smaller table sizes.  Since the lamps were created by simply tying together a number of previously used cassettes, the creators add that it’s possible to play with the lamps and even switch your own tapes in and out.

Visit OooMy Design for more info.

[Boing Boing via Inhabitat]

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Next Level Vinyl Chops… Literally!

Call it art, vinyl hacking, or auto-turntablism, here multiple records are physically broken down then reconstructed to make 2 unique discs.  Things get even more interesting when two turntables are set up to simultaneously play the same record.  Instant DIY Madlib?