Disco D Documentary – Hustle Harder (Video)

Much respect to the late Disco D.  Interestingly enough, I came across this promo vid for Hustle Harder, which appears to be a documentary/instructional/beatmaking DVD for those looking forward to a career in music production.  Perhaps I’ll have a little more info or even a review once I’m able to track down a copy of the full DVD.  However, from what I’ve seen so far, this looks to be a quality investment of time and seems to confirm what has been said about his general good nature and personality.   It’s hard to believe that he’s no longer with us.


141 thoughts on “Disco D Documentary – Hustle Harder (Video)”

  1. DAM!! Disco D was a pimp.there is a part 2 trailer on youtube as well.He put in hella work and he put in hella work on that mpc 1000.This dude just gave me a shit load of inspiration just cause of that im bout to be on my mpc 1000 alot more and use the most out of it R.I.P PEACE DISCO D

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