Dabrye “Two/Three” – Producer & Album Spotlight

I originally planned on the title of this post to be “7 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening to Dabrye”, but it seemed like more fun just to rant about why this Michigan producer’s music is such a great thing for Hip-Hop.

Dabrye’s sophomore release Two/Three is like listening to the perfect combination of the Detroit hip hop sound crossed with a touch of Techno.  Not so heavily electronic that you start an online search for upcoming local raves, but just enough to give his sample laden tracks the needed edge and make your neck perform unnatural jarring movements.

As an ideal producer’s album, Two/Three achieves a perfect balance of both complete songs featuring MC’ such as MF Doom, J Dilla, Guilty Simpson, and Vast Aire combined with strictly instrumental productions that showcase his vast programming and electronic compositional skill.  Heavy kicks, beautiful snares, edgy basslines, and perfectly executed effects will make your mouth drop.  If you’re a fan of Dilla’s bootleg instrumental beat tapes, then this will definitely be in heavy rotation for quite some time.

Peep Dabrye’s Two/Three mp3 mix

Check out Dabrye.com for more info about his other releases

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