Black Milk And Sirius Shade 45 Save The Day

What can I say, today was a good day. After much internal debate and reshaping my philosophy of paying for something that should be free, I finally pulled the trigger and copped a Sirius satellite radio receiver this afternoon. It took a little while, but once I fully got past the concept of paying for radio, it almost made perfect sense, curses, variety, no commercials oh my god! Not that there isn’t a ton of Hip-Hop to be found online, it’s just that sometimes, most of the time really, I’m pretty damn lazy and don’t have the spare time or energy to actively search for what I want to hear. Plus, ever since I expressed my opinion of how all the world’s problems can somehow be blamed on T-Pain, there seems to have been a Clockwork Orange – style campaign enacted by Chicago’s Power 92.3 to transform my mind into a willing receptacle for talkbox and Auto Tune abuse.

It pretty much came down to the decision of whether Shade 45 on Sirius or Major League Baseball on XM was more important, but in the end I figured that between subscriptions to MLB Extra Innings and Baseball Digest I’d have everything covered on the sports side. So I hit up Best Buy (complete with their overly ambitious security crew), threw down a nice chunk of change, and spent another couple of hours running around Chi-Town looking for a store that had the home converter kit in stock. When I finally got everything up and running and switched to Shade 45, an uncensored interview with Black Milk had just started and I knew it was the right decision.  Life is good!

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