Battle (Movie Trailer)

Filmed in Atlanta, GA and scheduled for a Summer 2010 release, Battle aims to capture the hearts of aspiring hip-hop producers/beatmakers worldwide.

“Battle” is a coming of age drama about an unknown producer who pursues his passion for composing music. He wants to produce music for the top rappers in the industry. He must find his way and his own soul for his music before he faces off at a national Beat Battle.

Visit the official Battle Movie website for more info.

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  1. Johannes,

    thanks for checking out the trailer…don’t have a retort for that analysis at this point other than thoughts previously posted.


  2. Like all the you got served esque movies
    I can tell the plot and the story might be the same hollywood dribble but the action will be good

  3. Been a while but finally the FREE mixtape I’ve been talking about has arrived.

    It’s free to download at and the tracklist is at the blog

    The Mixtape is Hosted by Hip-Hop Host extraordinaire: DRES THA BEATNIK
    and Mixed by Reign of Terror and Psyche Origami’s own DJ DAINJA.

    Both of these talented heads appear in Battle. A cameo by the great Talib Shabazz is featured as well.

    Lots of Hip-Hop, an eclectic collection, some of the producers who appear in the movie are represented here like: HeadRoc (who plays the lead character Rippa), Trimm (who plays Dirty Dollar$ in the film), Rhythmlord (plays Beat Priest and is doing score for the movie), as well as Green Tea (a two man producing team that play finalists in the Battle scenes) and the actual Dirty Dollar$ (Producer Eddie Singleton’s little brother). I definitely wanted to give them a little extra shout but most of the rest are talented Atlanta underground artists as well.

    This is not the official soundtrack but don’t be surprised if some of this music winds up in the movie.

    Definitely download it and enjoy but be sure to pass along the FREE music link to all your friends who like Hip-Hop.

    As for the progress of the film, we’re deep in post and working hard on music, sound, and fine cutting. It looks great and we haven’t even color graded it yet.

    Thanks to everyone for their continued interest in the movie,


  4. You may remember seeing the trailer about an Atlanta based feature film being in production that was called Battle.

    Well, that film was acquired by Lionsgate and the name of the film was changed to Step Off.

    Also, the release date is arriving quickly…MARCH 15th!!

    Here is the new trailer from LionsGate:

    It will be available to order online at every major retailer as well as for rent a RedBox, Netflix, and more.

    It created quite a lot of comments at the time and hopefully a lot of genuine interest.

    Please check it out next week.

    Thank you,

    Martin Kelley

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