More Dusty Offerings…

It’s been a bit of a crazy week for me. I finished the bulk of the Science Skateboards Mix CD, which features hip hop, original breaks and samples, rode an emotional roller coaster while going from absolute excitement about getting my hands on an advance copy of Jay Z’s Kingdom Come to utter disappointment upon … Read more

The Greatest Defunct Hip Hop Magazines of All Time

Today while waiting for the lady of the house to finish using the computer, I picked up an old, mint condition issue of Grand Slam magazine with Questlove on the cover. Now out of business, Grand Slam was one of my all time favorite reads and featured quality, well researched writing and covered a number … Read more

DJ Day’s Crate Digging Basics

Is it possible to dig about digging? Again… I think of this stuff wayyyyy too much. I was lucky enough to run across this list of valuable tips about crate digging. He also has put out really dope break mix titled “Credit Is Due”, which wore out my car’s CD deck. This guy really know … Read more


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