Ryan Leslie: Making of “Precious” w/ Jim Jones

403 thoughts on “Ryan Leslie: Making of “Precious” w/ Jim Jones”

  1. I think he is managing Jones I saw a vid somewhere where he talks bout it.

    Ima jsut have to “hate” real quick hehe

    I wont doubt Ryans skill on the production side. But why do people insist on wearing glasses in doors?

  2. @Rokwell the hater

    I’ve got serious issue with the whole indoor sunglasses thing too, but I’ll let Ryan slide.

    Speaking of sunglasses… it’s old news, but did you notice that Jamie Foxx and Usher couldn’t be bothered to take off their sunglasses when meeting Obama at his pre-inauguration?

  3. shades are whats in right now . its cool to wear shades . they just cant be dollar general shades lol
    ryan leslie could sell his music just off his energy alone.
    he acts like he’s always wired up off red bull energy drinks.
    I just havn’t heard enough from him yet ‘ that addiction joint was hot and obviously he has a big budget to have all those guests on his album. but is he the deal . i don’t know.

  4. co-sign. I know this kat be feeling his music big time. Everybody has there quirks. But i don’t get the sunglasses thing indoors as well. Unless you work for the MIB.

    • They wear shades alot because of the sleepless night life of the music industry. Alot of us spend numerous hours up and to have an interview or be on film with droopy sagging eyes or really red from lack of sleep or canibus usage….LOL…..is not a good look. So shades is the alternative because drops don’t solve everything. Of course being in the industry we can’t rock no dollar shades which is why you see the wide assortment of fashionable shades donned by pretty much everyone….since you inquired….

  5. i have to kind of agree with young dre ryan leslie i think is one of the best but in all his videos i never see him do the drums

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