K-Def’s Willie Boo Boo “The Fool” Updated & Re-released


There’s no shortage of great producer material dropping lately.  This Tuesday K-Def also released an updated version of Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" to digital retailers with the promise of a deluxe 4 piece vinyl available this winter.

Bonus Download: K-Def on WNYU 89.1FM’s The Halftime Show.

Grab Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" over at Amazon and other retailers.


  1. Intro
  2. Doing It
  3. Under The Moon
  4. Yeah DEF
  5. Buy This (skit)
  6. Everybody Wanna Be
  7. Ike Replay
  8. Axels Replay
  9. Porter Attack
  10. Galt Is Loose
  11. The Godfather
  12. Interlude (skit)
  13. Fat Al And Def   
  14. The Sanfrancisco Manic
  15. Horn Experience
  16. whispy   
  17. Niggaz (skit)
  18. The Witch   
  19. The Ride TV
  20. Oohhh We Man   
  21. Must Be The Vibes
  22. Action Theme
  23. Short Eyes Replay
  24. The Lighter (skit)
  25. Rough Silver Coin
  26. Time Of My Life   
  27. Ester Is Cool   
  28. The Program   
  29. Take A Drive   
  30. Anybody Got Budd
  31. Nutbag   
  32. Fly By Ghost   
  33. Enchanted Chant   
  34. Like A Circus   
  35. Buck Wilin   
  36. Run From The Cops   
  37. Blind Run   
  38. Stick ‘Em Up
  39. The Final Thrill   
  40. Do It Ghetto   
  41. The Outro

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