Alchemist Shows Off Mobile Recording Setup

773 thoughts on “Alchemist Shows Off Mobile Recording Setup”

  1. What is this dude makin beats while hes takin shits?? lol. he probably can make a better beat than any producer in the time he takes a shit anyway..

  2. the bathroom seems like a weird choice to record in. You’ll end up with some crazy reverb on those vocals. Alchemist seems like a smart dude so I guess thats what hes going for?

  3. Man….I’m really over every time Alchemist is on camera he has to show his weed. Ok we get it. You smoke weed. Point taken. Grow Up.

  4. t.y. check his blog out. alchemist is also forming a group with evidence – the step brothers and releasing an album sometime in 2009.

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