Stussy J Dilla Documentary Part 3

Stussy releases the third installment of its J Dilla Documentary.  Egon, Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc, House Shoes, Mayer Hawthorne and more explain the musical genius of J Dilla and the origin and meaning of Donuts.

Ya know, he was very good at knowing when he had played enough cards for one sound and, ya konw, enough people were copying him at that point that it was time to switch it.

View parts 2 and 3 of the J Dilla Documentary.

164 thoughts on “Stussy J Dilla Documentary Part 3”

  1. I can never look at the Dilla the same way… I could honestly say i teared after watching this and listening to some of the songs on Donuts. RIP the greatest producer to ever walk this earth.

    • i dont know what your saying but for me dilla was the reason i wanted to make beats i listened to evey kind of music out there but when i heared that qtip cd, those beats, it just made something click dilla is my favorite producer of all time. Nobody can move me like that shit the only thing that has came close is one or two tracks that justice did.

  2. errrrrr Tony…… ‘mortar’ is what you put between bricks when you build a wall…..I think you mean ‘mortal’ 🙂

  3. I did not intend to offend anyone but I wasn’t really up on what dilla was doing production wise is all . I bought a cd called jay stay paid hosted by pete rock to listen to his beats I liked how he used some of his samples and beats ‘ but I still think the rza took sampling to a whole other level. Enter the 36’ chambers was nuts !

  4. @ Tony, Listen to Donuts,Welcome to Detroit, Slum Village Fantastic vol.1 ,J-88 and try to get his Dillabeats. His sound was always changing. A lot of people didn`t get hip to him until Donuts,but if you go back to Fantastic Vol.1, Stakes Is High,His instumental series,you can hear his evolution. I would put him right there with RZA in terms of sampling.

    • @ tony, you’ve probably heard dilla aka jay dee before without even knowing it. busta rhymes, pharcyde (runnin’), tribe called quest (beats rhymes & life lp/love movement lp), common (like water for chocolate lp), q-tip (vivrant thing, breathe & stop, let’s ride), de la (stakes is high, itsoweezee), janet jackson , d’ angelo, etc. true, there are a ton of dope producers, but he was one of the most influential and innovative ones out there. his approach to beats was a little left field and could go over people’s heads at times, but it was nothing short of genius. when you hear cats out now that don’t quantize their drums and are slightly off (but still on beat, i know you seen the boon doc vids), that’s all dilla all day. peep raekwon’s cuban linx 2. he got 5 joints on there. peep 10 bricks.

  5. yeh dope vid .. i loved the series thanks for stussy and stones throws for putting this out .. Dilla will be a huge influence on my sound forever … when dude was saying that donuts was kind of a goodbye to the world record for dilla made me listen to it again and really listen to that … so crazy …

  6. yo i would like to hear the original donuts, the 20 minute version that he turned in before they made it longer.

  7. @ Michael. Stussy did a limited T-shirt in honor of Dilla. The pic they used for the shirt came from a book about producers studio set-ups. In the pic,he was wearing a stussy shirt. That`s about as much as i can explain about the connection.

  8. Does anyone know more about the original Donuts?

    There was a alternate version with a different track order that timed out at 28 mins circulating a few years ago. I don’t know if its the legit unedited version but it flowed better than the Stones Throw release.

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