Groove Chambers Is A Loser And Other Ramblings

Update: This post was originally done because it was a rare interesting interview with a somewhat successful producer that took place inside of his recording studio.  What we didn’t expect was for Groove Chambers to have a team of interns from Tree Leaf Music spam the comments section with hundreds of fake pump-up comments from fake fans that originated form the same IP address.

Apparently this is such an ingrained practice by Tree Leaf that if you do a search for Groove Chambers, each site that has mentioned the producer has been absolutely pummeled by the same types of fake fan comments.  I suspect the same has occurred to any site that has been unlucky enough to mention any of Tree Leaf Music‘s artists.

Clearly this is amateurish promo at its worst and anyone directing such efforts at even the most dysfunctional organizations should have been fired or at least reprimanded and instructed on how to properly do their job.  An apology was also in order for all of the sites that this was done to.  Unfortunately, we never received an apology.  In fact, quite the opposite happened.

After shutting down the ability to make new comments for the post and wasting my time deleting the numerous promotional comments, both the Tree Leaf staff and the producer himself attacked Crate Kings directly on the site and through Twitter.

You would think that someone who bills himself as “Grammy Nominated” would know how to conduct himself or may even have something better to do than pick a fight with a site that’s dedicated to hip-hop producers and was attempting offer more personal exposure for him.  Instead producer Groove Chambers has become a case study in how act like an idiot online.

Note: This post was originally titled “Groove Chambers Interview: In The Bag & Lip Gloss” with the below text:
Kansas City native Groove Chambers slyly shows off his recording studio while talking about his production work on Nappy Roots’ Watermelon, Chicken, and Grits, Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss”, and his own “In The Bag”.

Groove Chambers Interview: In The Bag & Lip Gloss

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  1. Apparently the Tree Leaf/Groove Chambers online street team is bombarding the site. Congrats, after wasting my time cleaning up your spammy comments, you’ve just been blacklisted from all future posting and promo.

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