Dr. Dre Remasters HP Envy Laptop (Commercial)

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  1. I don’t know if the Beats edition applies, but the new HP Envy line is bananas. Huge overhaul of the old specs. It’s my next laptop if I can afford it -_-

  2. cheesy as f. stop promotin bs and make music pls. as if those dumbass headphones werent stupid enuff already. yeah i kno its the dough. but still.



  4. It’ll be a good laptop but you can probably buy an M Box and it will sound exactly the same as the “Beats soundcard”…. I hope these laptops come bundled with Pro Tools or something if they are designed for music…. Unless its just another crappy PC laptop with a good soundcard…

  5. Really and truly the first great music pc platform belongs to Open Labs…and Timbaland was the first to jump on this here! My TSE Neko would kill that pathetic laptop

  6. Don’t all of us have external sound cards with all the ins/outs on them anyways. What good is it really to have your 1/8inch headphone and mic jacks sponsored by dre? And yeah, where’s detox anyways.

  7. Props to Dre for being a corporate sellout. Whats next beats by dre microphone stands? headphone adapters?

    • I’m going with the “Beats” cell phone. HP just bought Palm so I’m secretly hoping that the next version of my Pre is some portable device centered around making beats. Only in this phone, all beats you make are automatically truncated and released in “snippet” form to all major blogs/websites to artificially stimulate hype for the release of the full version of the beat which never actually sees the light of day…oh…wait…

      But in all seriousness, just listen to Evidence’s “Don’t Hate” on repeat for a while and I think you won’t be so bothered by Dre’s attempt to get that “great grandchildren’s, great grandchildren are filthy rich” money…

  8. It comes with Tracktor and Audi2 interface and a night vision camera. It`s going for about $2200. Once again a overpriced piece of equiptment. You could get a normal laptop and put in a great soundcard for way less. Don`t believe the hype.

  9. Never underestimate the power of a gimmick on gullible people who always have to have the latest thing.

  10. never going to buy one……but I’m not going to knock Dre for getting paid for this sort of thing….why not? athletes get paid to advertise products and nobody says anything about that

    anyways, CDs only play back at 16 bits and MP3’s are even worse….a good processor is a good processor and 24 bit audio is 24 bit audio

    Enter the Wu-Tang was mixed down on a 4 track…. this thing sounds cool but expensive and your equipment is only what you make of it

  11. what I’m afraid of, is the amateurs that are going to buy this and have a horrible experience and then say “PC’s suck for music, go mac” And shake my head at Dre, it took a f#ckin HP commercial to drop Detox. I dont even care about that sh1t anymore.

  12. Just had to say even though I did not read all the cool stuff this laptop can do.I just took a glance at the price…about 1,000 and I would suggest If your going to buy a hp laptop for 1,000 you might as well take that to apple and get a refurbished imac for 1,000. My boyfriend just got one and,Im actually kinda hating..lol the performance for music is far better than any pc Ive ever had. Although it is not portable it is great for home studios.Also does not get as many viruses as Pcs.Ive had pc’s all my life and for the most part Id say they are not built for music.I recently got a Dell laptop for Christmas and put pro tools on there, an let me tell you it sucks. On top of windows 7 not being very compatible with the newest version of m powered pro tools I have.Im sure there are updates and every software has bugs but I wouldnt ever waste my money on a pc again

  13. am i the only one that peeped the the 6″s on the tray the lady gave him dam dre u gonna burn wit the rest of the elite burn flaming fag

  14. man i’ve read all the hate and dumb shit the most of u’s have been sayin. i want to hear from the real hungry educated Entrepreneurs like myself about how they feel about this laptop. is this a good investment? dose it work well with protool 8? is the mac book a better investment and why? logic9 better than protools8? i like fogic but want to get into protools aswell. somebody tell me the differances. i want to know facts not hate and bullshit. so anyone who has some real knowledge to kick to this laptop and the mac book. get at me. the ignerant niggas readin this somkin uh blunt with uh bunch of uh ignerant niggas at the crib need ta jus shut the fuck up and wait for the hungry niggas like myself ta blow up and sign ur dumb ass. reply to this or hit me up on the email davidb1904@gmail.com

  15. The best thing about this commercial is The chic bringing him the implants… I agree Its a slick way to sell cheap laptop with a sound card for a lot of $$$ Dont get Doopped by The Dre

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