DJ Rafik Performs w/ Traktor Scratch, X1 & Maschine

Get inspired by 2007 DMC World Champion DJ Rafik as he does damage with Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro. ¬†Rafik highlights some of Traktor’s live performance capabilities by¬†utilizing cue points and built-in effects while using both Maschine and the Kontrol X1 as controllers.

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336 thoughts on “DJ Rafik Performs w/ Traktor Scratch, X1 & Maschine”

  1. This junk is blowin my brains. That’s takin the DVS into a whole other level. I was excited with what I saw with DJ Revolution and Torq a few years ago. And, it looks like NI is continuing to push it.

    I wonder how many cue points you have have with each song? Torq only has 5. I know he was using way more than 5. And, I liked how he was able to switch tracks so quick. The Kontrol X1 looks incredible.

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