DJ Q-Bert Interview – Reveals Top 5 Favorite DJ’s + Performance

In an segment for Yo! MTV Raps Romania, DJ Q-Bert gives an interview highlighting his thoughts on Serato vs. vinyl, the virtues of analog mediums, and new products being developed for turntablism enthusiasts.  He also goes on to speak of turntablism from the point musicianship and reveals his top 5 favorite DJ’s of all time.

76 thoughts on “DJ Q-Bert Interview – Reveals Top 5 Favorite DJ’s + Performance”

  1. Q-Bert, by himself is amazing. But when you see a million kids trying to duplicate him, ti for tat, it’s kind of annoying.

    When you watch him you see the original, off the cuff things he brings to the table. When you see his imitators, you see a kind of soulless version.

  2. Q-Bert is a fantastic ambassador for turntablism, he’s genorous, humble and genuine. Unfortunately he’s a dying breed and turntablism has turned into a bastardised souless artform.

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