DiViNCi Plays 3 MPC’s Live @ Plug Awards

DiViNCi, producer behind Solillaquists of Sound, takes live MPC musicianship to the next level during his performance at the 2008 Plug Independent Music Awards.   While some producers make a show of rocking one sampler, DiViNCi easily handles three Akai MPC’s, a talkbox, and more.

258 thoughts on “DiViNCi Plays 3 MPC’s Live @ Plug Awards”

  1. wow…………..I can honestly say I’ve never, ever, seen the MPC pad hit with the face……….I dug his use of the pad sesitivity for doing those synth solos too…..

    • watch the parts where he holds one pad down and how he shakes and wiggles his hand against that synth sound modulating……… I think he had a synth stashed somewhere down below to his left……he had to have some sort of synth to pull off what he was doing with the talk box

      it would be interesting to see a equipment list…..

      as far as the crowd, man, nobody but beatmakers and serious hip hop heads care about live beats……to anybody else, it’s always just some weirdo in front of some boxes, they don’t get it……..it goes right over their heads….lol

      • to anybody else, it’s always just some weirdo in front of some boxes, they don’t get it……..it goes right over their heads….

        true dat!

    • man thanks for the link i have been thinking how he could have done this for half the day and Never would i have though it was a snare

  2. I cant do this kind of performance based stuff, but for some reason I LOVE TO WATCH IT!!! There is a dipset producer (who’s name escapes me now) who does dope performance based joints. DOpe!

  3. Arab Muzik is the dipset cat’s name. I see cats doing ill stuff like this all the time at Low End Theory in LA. Dope stuff.

  4. pretty sure he had at least a wah pedal down below, maybe another pedal too…

    does the MPC he was using have aftertouch? Anyone know?

    He was freaking the Kaos pad thingy pretty thoroughly too

    not exactly my cup of tea musically, but waay exhilarating to watch

  5. Not really my thing… This is more on some circus show type shit imo. I like what Exile does live on the MPC because he has good rhythm and knows how to freak samples and chop beats. Not saying what dude is doing here doesn’t deserve props but It’s like listening to a 10 minute drum solo that goes way left field.

  6. Man…if this performance is good, i dunno the diference between music and noise anymore. Maybe im going tone def or some. But this sounded straight up like nothing man. C’mon! Just cause it’s dell? No disrespect for dude, but the was a flop performance.

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