Digidesign Announces Pro Tools 7.4.2 Pre-Release for Mac Leopard Users


What a day for home based producers!  Almost immediately after today’s announcement by Apple of the Mac OS X 10.5.3 update, Digidesign announced that a pre-release of Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 will be available for Mac Leopard users in a few days.  I know that many of you will be relieved to hear this.  Unfortunately, I became so frustrated with the whole situation that I made the move to Logic Pro 8 and got rid of my Mbox.  C’est la vie.

Note: Some plug-ins and VST’s will not be fully compatible and will require an update.

Check the Digidesign website for complete info.

1,461 thoughts on “Digidesign Announces Pro Tools 7.4.2 Pre-Release for Mac Leopard Users”

  1. yes lol i almost sold my mbox too so im happy i didnt mixing just aint the same in logic.

  2. Let me get this straight…you changed your music app because you had to wait to run 10.5 longer than you would have liked? Am I missing something here? I think you need to refocus your priorities.

  3. @Scott

    Yes, you are missing something here.
    For new users there is no choice in the os.  Dead computer + new Mac = OS X 10.5
    Do the math.  Perhaps having all the facts should be one of your priorities.

  4. yo the new update just came out today and it works u can download it for free on the digi website im so happy now.

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