Unstoppable Hip Hop Production Resources and Tools

For the last two weeks I’ve been making beats like a madman and churning out polished tracks like never before. At night I lay in bed obsessing about drum layering, time streching, and conspiring on ways to chop samples faster while breaking them down in as few steps as possible on an MPC 2000XL. Today while at work I listed to 3 1/2 hours of J Dilla instrumentals mixed by J Rocc of the Beat Junkies in an effort to dissect his drums, sample chops and progressions and spent my lunch scouring the Akai MPC 2000XL manual. I’ve read the entire manual multiple times and something new appears to me every time I review it.

In my quest for hidden hip hop knowledge, secrets and techniques I’ve been aided and inspired by countless like-minded musicians, diggers, producers, and DJ’s. Forums are a wonderful creation allowing for a supportive community of people looking to help each other get better at everything.

For those interested in production, I recently ran accross a great forums at Crazy Pellas.net, which has a plethora of user shared accapellas, sounds, drum kits, books and information. MPC Forums has also proven to be invaluable for customizing my Akai, while Dynamic Producer is always great about keeping everyone informed about industry opportunities.

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